Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Congratulations on being chosen as a Readers’ Favorite Award Winner!

Below you will find ratings (scale of 1-5) with descriptions for the major parts of your book followed by your Readers’ Favorite review. We hope these ratings will give you an insight into how others may view the different components of your book.

Title: Gabriel’s Daughters
Author: Janet Jensen
Genre: Fiction – Cultural

5 Appearance: Cover, Construction, Chapter Headings, Illustrations, Table of Content

The appearance of a book makes a dramatic difference in the experience of the reader. Appearance includes everything from an enticing cover and intriguing table of contents, to interesting chapter headings and eye-catching illustrations. This book excelled in all of these areas.

5 Plot: Concept, Characters, Originality

The characters of a book should be well defined, and while they do not have to be likable, the reader does have to be able to form a connection with them. The theme should be consistent and the plot should be original or told from a unique perspective. All of these elements are exceptionally well done in this book.

5 Development: Description, Dialogue, Creativity, Organization, Length, Fluidity, Coherence

Besides the plot, the development of a book is the most critical. The dialogue should be realistic, the descriptions should be vivid, and the material should be concise and flow smoothly. The development of this book is very well done.

5 Formatting: Editing, Proofreading, Layout

Editing and proofreading is where most authors fail. An author should have more than one person proofread their book. The best plot will fail if the reader has to stumble through misspelled words, misused words, bad punctuation, and poor grammar. This book is well edited.

5 Marketability: refers to how well your book can be marketed and sold.

The larger the target audience a book has, the greater the value it will have to publishers and retailers. Although this element is not indicative of the quality of a book, it is important to the success of a book. This book has a wide appeal and can be marketed to many types of readers.

5 Overall Opinion: This rating takes into account all previous elements and the reader’s overall opinion of the book.

This is an excellent, very well written book.