Other Writings

Voice Male: Careers by Day, A Capella by Night,” Meridian, July 6, 2004

Blow a pitch pipe–and like Superman changing in a phone booth–an accountant, a commercial real estate agent, a software product manager, a graphic designer, accounts manager and an attorney–become super singers.

Awards and Honors:

Second place, The Writer Magazine/Gotham Writers national memoir/essay contest, 2011

Short Stories:

“The Walnut Tree” and “The Inheritance” are short stories which will be published in the Parables For Today anthology.


“Baking Day,” published at The Writer magazine’s website, WriterMag.com


“A Passing Acquaintance,” Healing Ministry Journal, Spring 2003.

“Passing Acquaintance,” Heart to Heart (Intermountain Donor Services Newsletter), Winter 2004.

“Autumn Clearing,” Healing Ministry Journal Fall 2003.


“Food for Characters,” ByLine Magazine, October 2003 – co-authored with Shaunda Wenger.

“Recipes: A Taste of Your Family Legacy,” Everton’s Family History Magazine, November 2003 – co-authored with Shaunda Wenger.

“Spicing Your Family History,” Everton’s Family History Magazine, November 2003 – co-authored with Shaunda Wenger.

“A Passing Acquaintance,” Heart to Heart Intermountain Donor Services newsletter, February 2004.

“Sounds Familiar: Giving a Voice to Family Narratives,” Everton’s Family History Magazine, May/June 2004.

The Book Lover’s Cookbook July 1, 2004
The love of books paired with a passion for cooking has inspired a unique book, The Book Lover’s Cookbook, featuring great recipes paired with excerpts from celebrated works of literature.
By Janet Kay Jensen

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Contributing Author:

“Writing Secrets, a Comprehensive Guide to Writing Fiction & Nonfiction in the LDS Market,” (2005). LDStorymakers, Inc.

Narrative learning unit based on the children’s book, Stellaluna, in The Magic of Stories. Strong, Carol J. and Hogan, Kelly N. Eu Claire, WI – Thinking Publications, 1996.